FT Directory Listing

Create a perfect listing and directory website, manage and monetize any listing & directory site! You don’t need to start from scratch, use the demo importer, and save time.

Need help Maintaining your WordPress site?

What type of Directory Site you are looking to build?

Well, With FT Directory Listing you can make any type of Listing or Directory Website you can imagine. Believe us, Give it a try. Do let us know if you are not sure. We will help you turn your idea to a perfect directory Website.

Build any type of Directory Website

FT Directory Listing theme will help you to make any type of Directory or Listing Website. The theme includes everything you’re likely to need in order to launch a fully-featured online directory with WordPress. You can create any type of niche focussed directory website or a multiple category listing website

Location Based Search (Only Premium Version)

With FT Directory Listing theme, you can search for listings by location.It uses Google Maps platform so by using the listing locations, users can see nearby listings within certain locations

Submit Listing by 3rd Party Vendors too (Only Premium Version)

Want to have vendors submit the listings to your site by themselves? Then this is the perfect theme for you, not only you (site owner) can submit the listings, other vendors can submit the listings too and you can verify the listing before publishing it.

Paid Listings - Monetize your Website (Only Premium Version)

With FT Directory Listing, you can charge your users (vendors) for adding, featuring, and renewing listings. It works perfectly with the Woocommerce plugin to purchase packages before submitting a listing. You can use multiple payment system supported by Woocommerce

Create any Attributes and filter results based on that

There are no predefined listing attributes, so the FT Directory listing theme can be used for any type of directory and listing website.Create any type of attribute suitable for your business, add it to search criteria or just for listing detailed information

Rate and Review (Only Premium Version)

FT Directory Listing allows you to add reviews from your customers. Customer will be able to login to the site and rate and review on various listings

One-click Import (Pro & Free)

Don’t want to work hard and start your Directory website right away. If yes, then we have included the One Click Demo Importer that enables you to import the beautifully created demo website and initiate your Directory website in a matter of minutes.

Theme Color (Only Premium Version)

It is absolutely possible to change theme color with FT Directory Listing Pro. Choose any color you want that reflects your brand identity

Free vs Premium Version

Free Version



Premium Version



One Time Payment

WordPress All In One Service

Bought the theme but don’t have enough technical knowledge or enough time to work on the Website? Don’t worry we can do all the dirty work and create a fully functional Website for your business that converts.

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