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Creating the perfect job board website shouldn't be a hassle. Look no further than Job Stack WordPress Theme - the ultimate solution for your job board needs. Powered by the WP Job Manager plugin, Job Stack offers a plethora of features including live job search and filtering capabilities. If you're gearing up to launch a job board on WordPress, Job Stack stands out as the top choice among job board WordPress themes.


What includes in Theme Installation Service? Installation of the Theme Installation of all Required Plugins Setup theme exactly like demo
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What includes in Theme Installation Service? Installation of the Theme Installation of all Required Plugins Setup theme exactly like demo


What includes in Theme Installation Service? Installation of the Theme Installation of all Required Plugins Setup theme exactly like demo

Compatible with Elementor (Only Premium Version)

Elementor is the best when it comes to Page Builder. Its speed, user-friendly interface, and limitless design potential set it apart. With Elementor, customizing the demo homepage is a breeze – effortlessly add, remove, or modify any elements or sections to suit your needs.

Built with WP Job Manager Plugin

WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin designed to seamlessly integrate job-board functionality into your WordPress site. Utilizing shortcodes, it effortlessly adapts to any theme with a touch of CSS styling and boasts an intuitive setup process.

Key features include:

  • Easily add, manage, and categorize job listings using the familiar WordPress UI.
  • Employ searchable and filterable Ajax-powered job listings via shortcodes, enhancing user experience.
  • Provide frontend forms for both guests and registered users to submit and manage job listings conveniently.
  • Enable job listers to preview their listings before they go live, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Customize each listing with an email or website address, streamlining the application process for job seekers.

Compatible with Resume Manager Plugin (Only Premium Version)

Resume Manager, an extension of WP Job Manager, enhances your site with a dedicated resume submission form and listings management, all seamlessly integrated into your WordPress admin dashboard. This plugin empowers you to create a streamlined resume posting platform effortlessly.

Key features include:

  • Simple setup and management directly within the WordPress admin interface.
  • Integration with WP Job Manager ensures compatibility with various themes, requiring only minimal CSS styling.
  • Shortcode-based functionality enables flexibility and easy integration with any theme, making setup a breeze.

Job Applications (Only Premium Version)

Empower candidates to apply for jobs using a form, while enabling employers to conveniently view and manage applications from their job dashboard. This feature allows candidates to submit applications via a form, with all applications securely stored in the database for easy access and management.

Separate Company Pages (Only Premium Version)

The Premium version of Job Stack enables users to directly post job listings for their companies.

Users can conveniently manage all their posted companies from the dedicated company dashboard page. They have the option to submit a new company before adding job posts or choose from the list of existing companies to post jobs on behalf of those organizations.

Advanced Job Page (Only Premium Version)

The Premium Version of Job Stack features elegantly designed single job pages, presenting comprehensive job details alongside company information. Job seekers can easily apply for positions directly from these job pages, streamlining the application process.

Advanced Job Filter (Only Premium Version)

When it comes to job board functionality, Job Stack (Premium Version) offers a robust advanced search and filtering tool, ensuring users can easily discover the listings that best match their preferences. Leveraging AJAX filtering further enhances the user experience, making it effortless for visitors to find and apply to the job listings they’re interested in.

Custom Login and Registration Form (Only Premium Version)

Job Stack (Premium Version) enables you to bypass the default WordPress-branded login page, which often contrasts with the design of your site. Instead, users will access the login, registration, and password recovery pages seamlessly integrated within your theme, maintaining consistency across your website.

Frontend Job Submission

Enable employers to effortlessly list jobs on your site directly from the frontend. The intuitive forms allow employers to input comprehensive job details, such as job description and location, as well as information about their company.

Additionally, each listing can be assigned an email address or website, providing job seekers with convenient options to apply for the job.

Powerful typography options (Only Premium Version)

With the Premium Version, you gain access to over 600+ Google fonts and font variants to seamlessly integrate into your website without any coding required. Easily preview font changes in real-time using the WordPress Customizer, ensuring your website’s typography perfectly complements its design.

Simple & Easy to Use Admin Interface

Job Stack features a straightforward and user-friendly Admin Interface, allowing you to effortlessly adjust various job settings without the need for technical expertise. With intuitive controls, you can manage your job board with ease, making customization a hassle-free experience.

Theme Color (Only Premium Version)

Absolutely! With Job Stack (Premium Version), customizing your theme color is a breeze. Select any color that resonates with your brand identity, effortlessly reflecting your unique style and personality.

One-click Import (Pro & Free)

Ready to launch your Job Board website without the hassle? We’ve got you covered. Our One-Click Demo Importer allows you to effortlessly import our beautifully crafted demo website, getting your Job Board up and running in just a matter of minutes.

Free vs Premium Version

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What includes in Theme Installation Service? Installation of the Theme Installation of all Required Plugins Setup theme exactly like demo

Job Stack is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking a robust and user-friendly Job Board WordPress theme. It excels with its comprehensive array of features, including seamless integration with WP Job Manager, intuitive frontend forms for job seekers and employers, and the ability to customize every aspect of the job listings and company profiles.

Its advanced search and filtering tools and AJAX filtering for enhanced user experience ensure that job seekers can easily find and apply for their desired positions. Additionally, the Premium Version offers unparalleled customization options, with over 600 Google fonts available for effortless integration and real-time previewing via the WordPress Customizer.
Furthermore, Job Stack’s One-Click Demo Importer simplifies the setup process, allowing users to kickstart their Job Board website within minutes. Its simple yet powerful Admin Interface empowers users to manage job settings effortlessly, even without technical expertise.

Moreover, the Premium Version of Job Stack lets users bypass the default WordPress-branded login page, ensuring seamless integration with the overall site design. With the option to customize the theme color to reflect brand identity, Job Stack offers unparalleled flexibility and customization options.

Job Stack emerges as the top choice among Job Board WordPress themes, offering unmatched functionality, ease of use, and customization capabilities for creating a standout Job Board website that meets the unique needs of users and businesses alike.